Bed & Breakfast Le Pietre Ricce
Majella and Gran Sasso National Parks
 Beaches of the Adriatic Sea
Roccamontepiano (Ch) Abruzzo Italy
Reviews of us

"B&B best hotel !"
Courtesy of Fabio the owner, who was always attentive to our needs without being intrusive. Excellent breakfast (fresh croissants in the morning delivered directly to the house!). The apartment is spacious and functional (it was very pleasing to find toiletries, even toothbrushes). Loved the fireplace and the comfortable private parking. Excellent position to reach the ski slopes of Passo Lanciano and Maielletta. I recommend it to everyone, families and couples. Reviewed by Gianluigi Palliccia of TripAdvisor for the stay 5 to 8 December 2015

"A relaxing stay"

Immersed in the tranquility of a small mountain community, excellent hospitality of the owners, spacious and comfortable apartment. A relaxing stay in the natural landscape of the Majella National Park. Great place for excursions and visits to medieval villages of the area. Thanks for the homemade cakes for breakfast. Reviewed by Monica Veronese of TripAdvisor for the stay 23 to 26 April 2015
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B&B Le Pietre Ricce - Parco Nazionale Majella e Gran Sasso d'Italia, spiagge Costa dei Trabocchi - Via Roma n. 131,  66010 Roccamontepiano (Ch) Abruzzo Italy 

CIR (Codice Identificativo Regionale) 069073BeB0001


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